Friday, March 27, 2009

People at the Central Railway Station, CST, Mumbai India 2006

Eco-Friendly Night Rider, Harbor Road Mumbai India Jun 2006

Working for Taj Hotel, Harbor Road Mumbai India Jun 2006

Good Afternoon Mumbai, Gate of India Jun 2006

Dome of Glory of Mogul, Mumbai India Jun 2006

Sugarcane Juice on the Spot, Mumbai India Jun 2006

proud merchant with his Carpetry, Mumbai India Jun 2006

A Glimpse of Human Resource in India, City of Mumbai Jun 2006

Rich human resource in India is an absolute power, at the same time a real burden they have to carry on much further. Though government and independent institutions try hard to break all the traditional boundaries & hierarchy among people, there exists still lots of cruelty and non-senses as far as we agree on the assumption that human are all equal.
Anyway in the megalo-city of Mumbai, I had a chance to see lots of people in everywhere. All of them generate enormous purchasing power of domestic market in India and many of them take a critical roles in global IT industry. In the industries of movie, fashion and other areas of art they have been contributing a lot to the other part of the world as well.
I just felt the dynamics of scale and diversity when I just crossed the cross walk in the downtown Mumbai..