Monday, February 9, 2009

象島 Elephant Island, Mumbai India Jun 2006

印度洋 the Harbor, Bengal Ocean Mumbai Jun 2006

西太門 Gate of India, Harbor Front Mumbai India Jun 2006

宿所 Red Shield House, Collaba Mumbai Jun 2006

賢鳥 the Parrot..Guru sort of.., Collaba Mumbai India Jun 14 2006

When I woke up in the morning
at the very first day in India
actually in the fairy tale city of Bombay ...
and as I wide opened the windows of two pieces,
he was there on the wire
and kept staring at me...

It seemed like that
he, seemingly a wise parrot,
tried to tell me something
though I would never have any idea...
What I did know was that
he looked beautiful and had such a status...

After a while some thought just hit me...
Life is still full of me...what can I do...
tell me, you wise parrot..please tell me...what can I do..

起 Next Morning, Collaba Mumbai India Jun 14 2006